Five Element Meridian Movement

Aligning and Attuning with Nature’s Seasonal Cycles

Embody the universal rhythms and dynamic interactions of water, wood, fire, earth and air/metal, the Creation Cycle and Harmonizing Cycle of Chinese Medicine. This universal language helps us to make gentle, compassionate, healthy choices as we cycle with the seasons. Aligning ourselves with the natural cycles of the elements, we can understand where we are on our life journey. We recognize where we have been and where we are going. Embody your elemental powers and allow them to guide you. Harvest the benefits of your gifts and challenges. Claim your true, natural, authentic self.

Meridians, Creation Cycle, Time of Day Cycle

There are so many conscious movement forms of Qigong to help us experience, cultivate, harmonize and balance energy. At Meridians, we practice Qigong forms to experience how the elements move through our meridian pathways and connect us with nature. We explore the energies moving through our central channel, Conception and Governing Vessels and personal and universal fields. Pressure points are learned to awakened our portals of connection.


Feel your breath connecting you with earth and sky. Experience the dynamic, energetic interconnection through you with all of life. Discover the relationship between your crown and your root, your Hara (center of vitality) and Heart. Experience the ever-changing balance of alignment, allowing the integration of body, mind, and spirit, rather than a held, rigid posture. Align personal and universal will, surrendering to the path of your spirit, and come to reside in your heart, allowing your destiny to unfold.


ALL IS ONE, as all of life is made up of the same basic ingredients, and part of the whole. In order to understand energetic dynamics, we break this oneness down into counter balancing parts. Our inhale expands, rising us upward and outward (yinward to yangward), and our exhale brings us downward and inward (yangward to yinward) into gravity. Our body rides these movements from the depths of the earth to the vastness of the cosmos, and back into the earth, in a continuous embodied interconnection with earth and sky. Though yin/yang can only be separated theoretically, the meridians that move from earth to sky we call Yin meridians and meridians that move from sky to earth we call Yang meridians.