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This book and companion divination deck makes Asian Medicine accessible to ALL people, by transforming ancient theories into energetic, embodied reality. Theories about yin/yang, the five elements, meridians and pressure points, were created out of experiencing life’s basic truths. This book reconnects us to the innate intelligence and cyclical rhythms of the natural world, so we can experience and remember the truth of these theories with our whole being.

My goal is to offer the meridians, points and the five elements as a healing part of everyone’s daily life. Everyone can embody these ancient healing tools. Through provocative images and hands on exercises, we recognize that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm and align personal and planetary healing. In this book, the meridians (energy pathways) transmit the energetics of the natural world, as expressed through our body, mind, and spirit. The charts integrate Chinese and Japanese meridian and point systems using the body as a template, and the meridians as a map of nature’s elements. Touching areas and points, we embody earth and sky, unifying yin/yang.

These teachings are the foundation of many healing practices. Students, practitioners and teachers of Healing Arts, movement arts, yoga, Taiji and medicine (doctors, nurses, midwives, councilors, therapists, infant care, elder care, etc.), can use the book to integrate this information into their practice. People who love nature and beauty, and care about the planet and the humans, including artists, dancers, photographers, poets, philosophers and nature enthusiasts, will receive this book as inspiration and heart food. It blends exquisite nature photography, original calligraphy, the meridian pathways and pressure points of the body, and user-friendly hands-on ways to bring balance into our lives.

The book and deck are about finding balance through aligning with natural law. It addresses health challenges such as energy management, fatigue, depression, and emotional instability. It touches on human relations, like injustice, prejudice, gender issues, power struggles, violence, etc. and environmental issues like global warming and disrespect of resources.

HUMANATURE integrates personal and political, guided by quotes from peace leaders, truth speakers, hope weavers, including Climbing PoeTree, Maya Angelou, Charity Croft, Cornel West, Byron Katie, Tara Brach, Thich Naht Hahn, Sidney Poitier, C. S. Lewis, Hafiz, Rumi. Unlike most books on Asian Healing Arts, the embodiment models are diverse both physically and culturally.

This book guides the reader to:
experience how nature’s energies are embodied and mapped,
how to integrate the internal and external worlds in day-to-day life,
how to understand what balance can feel like,
how to move and touch areas and points to create balance,
how to live as spirit in human form, in harmony, with reverence with all of life
how to live from our hearts with deep gratitude.

Nini Melvin’s illuminating Shiatsu book guides the reader on a journey of discovery that brings to life the poetry of points in an ancient Japanese healing art. As a modern dancer and veteran Shiatsu teacher, Nini helps us to understand the body’s meridians, acupressure points and the Five Element theory through an artistically-crafted embodied experience. Hers is a rare and elegant choreography that weaves together beautiful photographs, inspiring thoughts, gorgeous calligraphy, and the reminder of the sacred ground of Mother Earth that connects us all to the greater cosmos. With each turn of the page, we are drawn into our own healing, but also to the healing of our planet that is necessary for our human survival. HUMANATURE – Elemental Pathways to Personal & Planetary Healing is more than a work of art – it is a work of heart. You will want to return to this book again and again for the deep healing wisdom that lies within its pages. 
Daisy Lee
Founder, Radiant Lotus Qigong

HUMANATURE is a splendid way of expressing the Dao. Nini’s brilliant inner light, rooted spirit and open heart are always present in her teachings. Deeply influential, Nini’s teaching has thoroughly informed my life and my teaching. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work closely with Nini on this book.
Lorelei Chang, Dancer, Qigong teacher, Shiatsu Practitioner, Calligrapher

DECK – HUMANATURE, the divination deck of five element cards, brings guidance from the natural world into our hands and daily lives. Through the photo’s energetic expression and message, we remember that we are all made of the same ingredients and the earth and cosmos. They can also be used in groups as a guiding principle for the group’s dynamics.

Nini Melvin’s book and deck, HUMANATURE, are an elegant, artful invitation into the 5 Elements for personal and planetary healing. This work aligns the integrity and wisdom of the 5 Element Tradition into an accessible and inspiring modern context. I recommend using the deck of cards that is a companion to the book, as a daily practice for oneself or in groups to deepen this timeless resonance.
Terri Nash, M.S., CPM Retired homebirth midwife, Qigong (Qi Gong) teacher


The charts in Nini’s book, HUMANATURE, are also available in larger sizes. Please contact Nini for more information.

This is so inspirational.  Great work.  Lee Holden