May 4, 2022

BIG news! I have mailed the excerpts for my book, HUMANATURE – Pathways to Personal and Planetary Healing, along with extensive applications, to two potential publishers! Now I will wait 6-8 weeks to see if either of them are interested in publishing my book and deck.

Breathing deeply, I am trusting that this work is meant to get out into the world, to bring healing to the humans and the planet, by remembering our interconnection.


Now I have time to work on the charts for the meridians diagnostic areas and points. I already have orders for them! I am also working on a workbook for students, practitioners and teachers of Asian Medicine. Wow. These too will find their way into the world, as they are useful tools for everyone on this healing journey called LIFE.

My Dear friend, Terri Nash wrote the forward for my book. I am so deeply touched and honored by her articulate way of seeing me and seeing the 40 years of work I am birthing. She has been my midwife in many ways.

I am feeling so much gratitude to so many people who have supported me on this journey. THANK YOU!!!

Stay tuned……

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful seasonal transition and remembering that “What the world needs now, is love sweet love!”









Dear Friends,
Welcome to my revised website and new Blog. My intention is to inspire you with words and images, guided by the natural world.  As you can see, I have created a book and deck, HUMANATURE, based on the Five Elements, meridians and points from Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine. I am in the process of applying to publishers now. I hope that you find these accessible and easy to embody, so they will guide you on your path to Personal and Planetary Healing. 

What a time we are living through. I imagine people have said that throughout history, as it is so challenging to be a human!

If I focus only on my human aspect, I live with so much more suffering, than if I remember that I am not only human, but also spirit in human form. Each breath I take, I have the opportunity to remember my formless, spacious self that is connected to the entire universe. In the medicine I practice, this essence or essential self lives in the sacred palace of the heart and is connected to all hearts through this universal essence. Every breath we breathe, we are exchanging this essence with all of life.

We all deserve to be loved, respected and valued. How can man perpetuate the destruction of life and life sustaining resources? He has forgotten that all of life is made of the same ingredients. When we recognize that we are all made of and sustained by earth and sky, water, wood, fire, earth and metal, we know that we are meant to live in harmony and reverence for all of life. No one life has more value than another. How can spirit in human form be measured?

MAY ALL BEINGS be loved, fed, and housed, and given the opportunity to bring their gifts into our world.Please take good care. Let your radiance warm you and emanate love far and wide.Keep in touch.


Below are excerpts from ClimbingPoetree’s Awakening
by Naima Penniman 

Awakening by Naima Penniman 

The universe is counting on our belief
that faith is more powerful than fear
and in that shifting moment,
we’ll all remember why we’re here

We gotta believe in a world 
where there’s room enough for everyone
to breathe
’cause reality is made of 7 billion thoughts
who made up their minds
of what’s real and what’s not.
So I stopped believing
in false idols of war, greed and hate.
It’s not worth my faith.

And my mind’s dedicated
to justice
and my soul’s devoted to love
and love is God
and God is truth
and truth is you
and you are me
and I am everything
and everything is nothing
and nothing is the birthplace of creation
and transformation is possible
and you are proof. 

Possibility is as wide
as the space we create
to hold it.

We were born right now
for a reason. 
The reason is up to you.

So don’t be scared of the spark
in the spell of great darkness
or afraid of the light 
in the moment of dawning
or the heights you will reach
when you rise to your calling