Embodiment of Shiatsu and Self-Shiatsu

Embodiment of Shiatsu, Self-Shiatsu, the Five Elements, Meridians and Points
ALL LEVELS -Introduction, Apprenticeship, Practitioner Training, Private Lessons, Continuing Education, Mentorship, Supervision

Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art that works with the body’s meridian pathways and pressure points to resolve energetic imbalances of over-abundance and depletion, release pain, and guide us on our healing path. Touch is a vital nutrient and has transformative power to encourage harmony and balance. The more present, aware and aligned we are, the more nourishing and healing our touch becomes. You are invited to deepen your contact with the flow of life force. Move from your center with your whole self: body, mind, and spirit.

The form of shiatsu we practice at Meridians is deep and gentle. Sometimes I refer to it as YinShiatsu, as we focus is on listening to what is and being guided by it. We honor the innate intelligence and wisdom of the being we are touching, and the perfection of this moment on their path.

“Nini makes learning Shiatsu a lived experience through her embodiment of in-depth knowledge, utmost care, and presence.” Susanne Weinman, Holistic Healing and Guidance