INtrotoShiatsuTouch is a vital nutrient and has transformative power. Using basic shiatsu techniques and the wisdom of the five elements, we will learn to perceive overabundant and depleted energy and encourage harmony and balance. The more present, aware and aligned we are, the more nourishing and healing our touch becomes. Deepen your contact with the flow of life force. Move from your center with your whole self- body, mind, and spirit. Experience the dynamic harmony of the five elements. Enjoy the sacred touch of shiatsu.


2water lightHow can we make gentle, compassionate, healthy choices as we cycle with the seasons?

By aligning ourselves with the natural cycles of the elements we can understand where we are in this moment in our life journeys. We can see where we have been and where we are going. Claim your true, natural, and authentic self. Embody your elemental powers and allow them to guide you. Harvest the benefits of your gifts and challenges.

Remembering copyExperience the dynamic, energetic interconnection through you with all of life.

Experience ever-changing balance rather than a held, rigid posture, allowing the integration of body, mind, and spirit. Feel your breath connecting you with earth and sky. Awaken to your unique fullness.

Discover the relationship between your crown and your tailbone, your Hara and Heart.

Recognize yourself as a unique microcosmic blend of the five elemental phases that make up all living beings, including this delicate, powerful planet.

Align personal and universal will, surrendering to the path and destiny of your spirit.

Dissolve old stories that are stored in the body that perpetuate disharmony. Allow your alignment to gently guide you through life.

movingmeridiansStretch, awaken, and rejuvenate.

Embody the universal rhythms and dynamic interactions of water, wood, fire, earth and air/metal- the creation cycle and harmonizing cycle of Chinese Medicine.  Awaken the meridian pathways, exploring where the elements live in our own bodies.  Gain insight into personal patterns of abundance and depletion, strengths and imbalances.  Learn how yin and yang harmonize. Connect human inner rhythms with Mother Earth’s, aligning personal and planetary healing. Come to understand your body as a landscape map.

Using stretches, movement, visualization and touch (including shiatsu), initiate transformation, balance, and healing.

Interview: Cultural Balance from Emmett Brennan