head.heart Nini’s private practice is in Northampton MA.


Shiatsu is a Japanese healing art that works with meridian pathways and pressure points to release pain and resolve energetic imbalances of abundance and depletion.

Shiatsu based, personalized treatments; full body, fully clothed, on a futon, massage table, or in warm water. Release what you no longer need to carry.  Open to the alignment of your body, mind, and spirit. Delve into your patterns and tendencies. Understand and transform them so that you live your life in service to your heart.


Come learn the universal language of the five elements. Make a personal map to chart your tendencies, gifts and challenges. Gain insight into where you are, where you have been and where you are going through aligning yourself with the cycles of the seasons.

Map your interpersonal dynamics with a loved one or colleagues from this balancing, harmonizing perspective.

Interview: Heart Center from Emmett Brennan