Nini Melvin has a Shiatsu Studio, Meridians ~ Pathways to the Heart, in Northampton, Massachusetts, where she has her private practice, and an apprenticeship program. In her treatments and teaching, she uses movement and shiatsu to focus on the meridians, pressure points, universal language of the five elements, yin/yang, alignment, body mechanics, diagnostic tools and techniques and heart centered touch. Her interconnection with the natural world, and her training in shiatsu, dance and qigong infuse her way of teaching and giving treatments.

She is a Certified Practitioner by the AOBTA.

Nini has been a teacher and practitioner of Eastern Healing Arts (including shiatsu) for close to four decades. Nini began her shiatsu training in 1981, at the Ohashi Institute in NYC, where she taught for 10 years and became a senior instructor. She has taught and trained teachers internationally and locally since 1989.

Nini was core faculty at Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, studied and practiced aquatic bodywork and is a Reiki Master.

Nini’s dance background includes a Master’s degree in Dance Education from Temple University, in Philadelphia. She was a choreographer and performed the choreography of Anna Sokolow, Lar Lubovitch, Garth Fagan, Ron Brown, Doug Varone, John Brooks and Alice Varga Forner.

She presently coaches dancers.

Nini is available for treatments, five -element consultations, and private lessons. Blending movement and touch, she supports people to become fully embodied.

Shiatsu and the 5 Elements from Emmett Brennan


“In Nini’s presence, life shows up as a gift of love, grace, and generosity.”
Dianne Connelly, Acupuncturist, Instructor & Author

 “Nini translates theoretical concepts into energetic experiences”
– Thea Elijah, teacher, acupuncturist

“I’ve never met anyone who has such a ‘healing heart’ and who is so generous with that spirit.
~ Marchele

“Nini is a non reactive, non judgmental healer. A sensitive listener, she works with the material I share with her, acknowledging the higher purpose, the sacred contracts. She gently challenges and encourages embodied action and self care.”